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Luật chơi Baccarats are organizations that have made a monetary donation. The Ocean Cleanup has now introduced the Luật chơi Baccarat Badge as a way to give back to the supporters who help us move closer to our mission, offering them a tangible way to show their support. To ensure that the Luật chơi Baccarat badge is used fairly and not with commercial intent, we will assess each badge request individually, checking that the donation made is relative to the company size and revenue. Our team will contact you once they confirm that the badge will be issued.

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Once a donation is made, organizations can request an Luật chơi Baccarat badge, which will be linked to the organization with a unique identifying number and include the year in which the organization donated.

When issued, your organization can use the badge on your website and social media channels to show your support of The Ocean Cleanup – but it cannot be used in direct marketing activities or as part of the sales strategy. For more information, please see our FAQs below.

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