Kỹ năng chơi bài Baccarat Milestones

By systematically eliminating technical risks through rapid iterations, we aim to reach full-scale deployment in both rivers and oceans. Our ultimate goal is to clean up 90% of the world’s floating ocean plastic by 2040.

The future
  • Beyond System 03
    Scale-up in oceans
The present
  • 2023
    System 03

    System 03

    Nearly three times larger than our previous technology and capable of cleaning the area of a football field every five seconds, the arrival of System 03 marks a huge leap forward in our mission of ridding the oceans of plastic.

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The past
  • 2020
    trang web chính thức ag baccarat già
  • June – November 2019
    trò chơi baccarat
  • 2018
    Diễn đàn Baccarat
  • 2016
    Lợi thế của ngân hàng Baccarat
  • 2015
    Scale model testing